A home’s exterior paint job is something that can either make or break its curb appeal. It’s also one of the least expensive ways to spruce up your home’s appearance either for your own enjoyment or to entice potential buyers. With the high quality paints and professional service of Spray Tech Painters, you can expect your paint job to last up to 15 years.

Our expert team does everything from helping you pick the ideal colour, to preparation (washing, scraping, sanding, patch and fill) to priming, caulking and painting. Make your home look like new again.

Our highly experienced team specializes in exterior painting services. Painting can be a large part of home maintenance and up keeping. This is especially true during periods of extreme weather, which can deteriorate paint colours. Our team of experts can provide you with ideas for your home and aid in the preparation of your home for the exterior painting. We have painted many homes within the Victoria area in all sorts of conditions including anything from smaller residential homes to larger buildings. We will analyze the exterior of your home so that we can better gauge what sort of services will be required for your personal situation; 

(depending on the exterior materials, doors and trim).

We will always choose the highest quality paint that will have that longest lifespan for the exterior of your home. 

Choosing the right colours 

Choosing exterior paint colors may be tricky, especially if you are not going with the existing color, and our team of experts have a lot of background in this area and are here to help you choose. Besides, your home’s exterior is the first impression you make to your visitors, why not make it a great one!? We use paints from top manufactures to endure the longest lifespan and the most beautiful colour.


In order to make sure that your paint does last as long as possible, extensive preparation work is done beforehand.

We will make sure that the surface is prepared by sanding down any peeling paint, using primers, caulking windows and doors and spot priming all surfaces and two coats of paint. Once the job is complete, you will be invited to inspect the job and if there are any issues they can be corrected to your satisfaction.

Since there are many different types of homes and materials, a meeting with us is essential so that we can evaluate your individual painting needs. Our services are kept affordable and will be executed in a very professional manner using all the proper tools and techniques. 

When you hire Spray Tech painting job, you are not only paying for the service but you are also paying for the expertise of the painters! We have excellent product knowledge and a lot of experience to provide you with superior solutions, so please feel free to contact is for more information!

Giving your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive changes you can make to the outside of your home, and yet almost nothing has such a dramatic effect on its curb appeal. The team at Spray Tech are experts in providing you with the clean, professional and high quality finish they desire.