Whether you’re looking to get rid of those scuff marks and sticky fingerprints or you simply wish a change of colour, Spray Tech painting has got you covered. The professional team from Spray Tech will complete the entire job from start to finish – including making sure that your valuables are protected and that your home is left neat and tidy when we leave.

For residential jobs, our team uses only Eco Friendly 0 VOC paints, so there is no need to worry about fumes either.

We believe that your home is your sanctuary, so we complete all jobs to the highest standards of quality so that you can get the maximum enjoyment from the finished job.

Spray Tech Painting Is truly a one stop shop for all your painting and home renovation needs. 

To ensure the best results, we take the following steps:

Cleaning walls – While some amateur painters may be inclined to just start taping and painting, it is important to remove dirt, dust and grease spots with some mild detergent and water, to prevent these spots from ruining the smooth finish of your paint.

Protecting floors and furnishings – You want your walls painted, not your sofa or carpet! Before we begin, we ensure that your precious belongings are protected. Our painters always respect your home as if it were their own, so there is never any reason to be nervous about getting paint anywhere other than your walls.

Priming – depending on the colour you choose and the existing paint colour on your wall, it may be necessary to use a primer, however many paints today have the primer included.

Painting – the painters at Spray Tech will provide you with a smooth, even and professional paint job every time. For our interior residential jobs, we use only eco-friendly 0 VOC paints that keep the amount of fumes to a minimum, so you’ll be able to enjoy your new room as soon as the paint is dry.

Clean-up – painting can be a messy job, but you’d never know it once our crews are finished their work. We always take care to clean up after ourselves and put any of your furnishings back where we found them.

Once you’ve decided which rooms you wish to be painted and in what colours, our professional painters can get right to work in transforming your home.